About Our Organization



Our mission is to serve as an international resource to answer your questions about self and home injecting of Sayana Press. Our goal is to make sure that the information is available for anyone who wants to inject Sayana Press.

This website was created and is maintained by a group of individuals who believe that access to family planning services is a basic human right. The information for this website was gathered from a variety of trusted resources.

We would be happy to receive your feedback or ideas about how to make this website better. Please contact us at easy@injectsayanapress.org

Other forms of birth control

Remember, Sayana Press does not protect against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.

To prevent sexually transmitted infections, we recommend using male or female condoms every time you have sex, in addition to Sayana Press.

Sayana Press is only one option of birth control. We encourage you to learn about others. One resource for more information is bedsider.org


While we try to make sure all of these pages are accurate, the contents on pages can change. We can accept no liability for the accuracy of the information presented at any given time.